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Sitting Fee Genetics

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Ever wonder why you are paying for a sitting fee? Well, first let me start by saying that not all photographers use the same game plan. Meaning we all have our own individual methods for how we charge for our services and because most are freelance, we can be just as creative with the money side of our business as we are behind our cameras.  My sitting fee covers my time, experience and the post editing work that most clients never see, because contrary to popular belief... when a professional photographer aims and shoots the end result does not always render that perfect photo.

The perfect analogy here would be a musical, it's the actors on stage that get all the glorying and focus from the audience, but behind the red curtain there's a whole lot of running around making the show a success. So yup... you guessed it, you are the actor and we are in the audience and running around behind the red curtain too!

When you use your phone, tablet or even your camera to take pictures, I'm 100% positive you have almost immediately dabbled in applying a little frosting to those photos, am I right?  Sure you have! we all have, and there's nothing wrong with tweaking our images! It puts a little moxie in our step and makes us feel proud because we've captured and created a beautiful thing!

So what you are paying for in addition to our time and expertise out in the field also includes our time behind the red curtain.  This is were we are busy at work with post editing and applying those extra touches to your photos or adding that extra frosting that you choose for your images!  Its our love for photography that drives us to provide you with professional top notch pix's!

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