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Three things about me: I love to laugh, I seek to find creativity in everything I see, and I come from a background full of artsy folks! My Dad is the Artist, my Mom is the Designer, my Brother is the Master Auto Sculptor and me, I'm the Photographer!


Creativity flows though my blood and it really gets going when I'm behind my camera and out in the elements! You'll catch me whistling tunes, climbing on stuff and sometimes even getting wet while "freeze framing" your moments.  I'm always up for a good challenge to capturing that one perfect shot, and I love every minute of it!


What's my favorite subject to shoot? Well, I really enjoy working in all avenues of photography. Sports, Landscape, Portrait, Critters, Seniors, Athletes and Events! I think the world is way too big to only have one favorite! Thanks for taking the time to sit with me awhile to gain a little glimpse of my passion for photography. I hope to work with you soon!          


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